Coach's Self Evaluation Form

Coach's Self Evaluation Form
Items denoted with a red asterisk * are required.
 * Date
 * Coach/Advisor Name
Email Address
 * Sport/Activity
 * Position
Instructions: Rate your personal abilities for each item on a scale of 1-5. Note: if you are filling out this self-evaluation as an extra-duty advisor, substitute the words "coach" and "players" with the words "advisor" and "students".
5 = Superior , 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good , 2 = Average, 1 = Poor, N/A = Not Applicable
 * #1 Consistently communicated with the athletic office regarding paperwork, rosters, eligibility, etc.


 * #2 Effectively communicated with coaches in regards to roles, duties, and expectations


 * #3 Superivised practice area and locker room when athletes were present


 * #4 Accurately prepared an inventory of team equipment and uniforms


 * #5 Consistently ensured that all facilities and equipment were secure following use


 * #6 adequately supervised travel and overnight trips


 * #7 Demonstrated high ethical standards and behaviors all times


 * #8 Displayed exemplary behavior and was a positive role model


 * #9 Effectively communicated with athletes, parents, and administration


 * #10 Respectfully interacted and communicated with officials and the other team's coaches and players


 * #11 Consistently demonstrated professionalism and sportsmanship


 * #12 Adequate planning and preparation in team strategies and capabilities


 * #13 Successfully used praise and constructive criticism with the team and its individual players


 * #14 Practices were effectively planned and conducted to reflect optimum time management and player engagement


 * #15 Consistently demonstrated the ability to make game plans and appropriate in-game adjustments


 * #16 Consistently strives to improve knowledge of game strategies and individual and team skills


 * #17 Consistently ensured that individual players were appropriately conditioned and prepared to play


 * #18 Maintained effective individual and team discipline at practice and games


 * #19 Continual emphasis placed on teaching team and individual offensive basic skills and fundamentals


 * #20 Continual emphasis placed on teaching team and individual defensive basic skills and fundamentals


 * #21 player and parent complaints handled satisfactorily


 * #22 is off season effort and participation adequate


 * #23 In what coaching areas do you feel you are particularly strong?
 * #24 In what coaching areas do you feel improvement is needed?
 * #25 What Do You Want Your Coaching/Advisor Legacy To Be?
 * #26 Have You Missed A Practice As A Coach During The Season? If so, Why?
#27 Are You Happy With Your Current Coaching Position? Explain Why or Why Not.
#28 Do You Feel You Have Finalized Your Season In A Timely Manner, i.e., Equipment and Player Uniforms Stored In Timely Manner? Explain.
Coach/Advisor Comments
Athletic Director/Principal Comments
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Eureka County High School
Coaching/Advisor Self Evaluation Form

After completing your season, please fill out the Coach's Self Evaluation Form.

IMPORTANT: Print out the form before submitting it and bring the printed copy to your post-season evaluation. Once your electronic form is received you will be contacted by the Athletic Director or Principal to schedule your post-season evaluation.